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Healthy Viagra Life is a professionally managed company which sells various medicines and health products online through its website. The company operates with stringent terms and conditions and expects its buyers, consumers and affiliates to strictly adhere to our terms and conditions. It should be note here that by browsing our website or by transacting with us in any way, it is understood that you have read the terms and conditions and understood them in completion, and your actions are in compliance with the terms mentioned. The HVL Website: HVL has made every attempt to provide updated information about all medicines and the ingredients they contain. This information is to the best of our knowledge and has been prepared with expert involvement. However, HVL does not claim any assurance or guarantee with this information. All the information provided about products / medicines etc is for informative purpose; it is the responsibility of buyer or customer to verify, check and / or understand the terms, ingredients, usage, dosage, instructions, etc in consultation with an experienced medical practitioner. It should be also be noted that HVL reserves the right to modify or change or delete the information posted in any kind on our website. Copyright: The content published on HVL website in the form of logos, graphics, images, texts, etc is HVL’s property and this content cannot be copied or reused by any other party, according to the international laws of copyright. As a website visitor, buyer, consumer, customer, etc, you agree not to violate the international copyright law in any form of information / content use, distribution, reproduction, etc. External Links On HVL website, you may find some links to external sources, websites or such associated services. These links are included as a convenience of our users, buyers, visitors, etc. However, these are external links and so HVL does not have a responsibility if the content on those links get modified or removed in some way by the original owner of those links. Warranties HVL does not claim any guarantees, assurances, statements, warranties, etc in any form regarding the medicines sold through this website. This applies also in case of the content published and other products offered over the HVL website. Order Acceptance and Fulfillment HVL owns complete authority to accept / refuse an order for one or multiple reasons. HVL also has the authority to supply shorter quantities against your order or even don’t supply as the case may be, depending upon availability of stock, provision of supplies by the manufacturer of medicines, or any other reason. In the event when the medicine value or price has been wrongly published because of typographical error, wrong information, erratic rate, etc, HVL also reserves the right to cancel order. Laws Applicable All the information policies, terms of usage, conditions, etc posted on the HVL website are governed by the united states laws, as applicable. All the information, policies, terms of usage, conditions, etc available on HVL website is construed in compliance with the laws of united states.

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