Shipping Policy

Among our many policies, Healthy Viagra Life has a dedicated Shipping Policy. It includes every aspect regarding the shipping time, shipping charges, transit time, etc which are important from the buyers’ point of view. Policy on Shipping / Delivery Charges: Delivery charges of medicines depend upon the amount of items ordered. As a way to extend our care for our customers’ requirements and value their money, we make free delivery if the order amount is more than $250.  Below this ordering amount, normal delivery charges will be.  Requests dispatched through regular post get conveyed in pretty much 15-20 working days.  If you order for more and the order value is above $250/-, you don’t have to pay anything for shipping, which means the shipping charges won’t be applicable over this order value.  If your medicines are non-prescription, that is you don’t have a doctor’s prescription, you may still get the benefit of ‘no shipping charges’, but for that, your order value should be more than $250/-.  If you want to order weight-based material / medicines / products and they are of the non-prescription category, you should check the shipping charges, or the applicable waiver, with our customer care officials. You may also find information about this on the medicine pack and should check this at the time of ordering.  No COD Option Available in this business .  HVL has extended this facility to our valued customers / buyers. You should know about some aspects in this view:  HVL sends non-prescription medicine orders through courier while the prescribed required medicines are sent through an executive from HVL. Policy on Shipping Time  It is ideal for the buyers to check the shipping time when ordering a stipulated medicine or product.  The time taken for shipping your orders depends upon the time taken in transit.  We stick to honor the shipping time mentioned however it may vary because the transit time largely depends upon circumstances.  HVL boats to P.O Box address consequently requests can be put making utilization of PO Box address as conveyance address.  We generally hold the correct item and don’t bargain into any fake medication.  In the event of any uncertainty, Please make call to our client care staff. They will control you about your request. For any counsel about the administration, without falls flat email us  Normal estimated shipping timing is as under: – If you live in a metro, the shipping may take 10 to 12 business days after receipt of clear order. – If you live in non-metro, the shipping time may take up to 15 days. – If you live in a remote location, the shipping may be up to 18 days.

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