Refund Policy

All professional companies which involve providing e-shopping facility to their buyers must have a clear and concise Refund Policy. Healthy Viagra Life (HVL) is committed to protect the interests and rights of its buyers. The company assures best value for the money every buyer spends when buying some medicine or medicines on HVL. Going a step further, we have laid down a customer centric Refund Policy which enables buyers to get their money back, in complete or partially subject to conditions. This is an extra endeavor from us to care our buyers and to value their money. Refund Policy at Healthy Viagra Life At HVL, entire team is committed for the satisfaction our customers and for that a dedicated Refund Policy works like a surplus resource. Our full refund policy is as under:  You are eligible for full refund of your money if the medicines / packet of medicines you received are defective in some way, the medicines were short in number, or such other instance has taken place.  The medicines you ordered got lost in transit or the entire docket got damaged in transit.  You received medicines with lost expiry date(s) or there was enormous delay in the delivery of the medicines you had ordered. Our Refund Policy is subject to certain terms and therefore, you as a buyer should read and understand them early!  The lead time for refund at the end of HVL may be different for different modes of payment used at the time of purchase. For example, if you paid for the medicines by your debit card, credit card or through internet banking, you may have to wait up to 7 days to get the refund. This duration may be shorter but it varies because the activity largely depends on the time taken by the bank in completing this operation.  If you have made the payment through some wallet, the refund may take place within 24 to 48 hours. Refund Request Process: You may initiate the refund request by sending us an email over the stipulated id and include the order details. Further, you should mention about the reason for which you want this refund. Your feedback is important for us and we take earliest possible action on your mail. This is also an extra aid for us to improve our services and serve you and other customers in a better way. For any queries on the subject refund or for understanding our Refund Policy better, you may call us on the provided contact number or write to us on our email id. Return Policy at HVL: HVL also has a Return Policy which is closely associated with the Refund Policy. This offers our buyers to choose whether they want to return a product for replacement or want the refund for it. Our Return Policy benefits buyers in the following ways:  If a buyer has received incomplete order, or the parcel or medicines or products ordered are in damaged condition, they may return it and ask for another one in exchange.  It is important that the buyers should intimate about the damaged or incomplete order within 7 days of receiving it. Failing this, they may not be eligible for Return or Refund of that order. Exception in Refund / Return Policy There are certain products which are not inclusive in this policy because they fall in certain special categories. Such products will be marked as “Non-Returnable / Non-Refundable” You may check about such products with our customer care officials.

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