Privacy Policy

Healthy Viagra Limited (HVL) honors the privacy of buyers, patients, customers or all other people coming to HVL. In this respect, HVL has a clear, concise and uncompromising Privacy Policy which should be understood as follows:  We maintain full secrecy in view of your special needs, health problems or concerning information, purchases, exchanges, etc.  We ensure that all details like personal details, demographics, credentials, account information, etc, received on HVL website, is kept fully confidential and may be used only when needed to serve our buyers better or which is lawfully correct.  Information about any or all of your transactions taking place on HVL, regarding shipping, orders, purchases, confirmed / held / denied orders, etc will be sent to you from HVL.  For any concern or queries about your transaction in any form on HVL, you should get in touch with concerned HVL officials. HVL website is cookies enabled and you can see that in the settings option. We use cookies with the purpose of enhancing your experience on HVL website, bettering browsing and simplifying your further purchases / transactions. Information stored in the form of cookies, like physical details, residential demographics, name, email, phone number, identity information, etc only keep track of your visit on HVL website as a notification. They are not stored here. (What are cookies? Cookies provide bits of information which get automatically stored through a computer user’s browser. They get stored on the user’s computer hard disk. This feature of activating cookies is automatically exists on most websites, but this arrangement can be altered or stopped. Users may personal HVL homepage if he or she wishes to do so and enable the feature of saving items on HVL shopping cart. Your transactions, purchases, ordering, etc can go on normally even without cookies.) Privacy Commitment We at HVL are committed to the privacy and security of our customers, buyers, visitors, etc in every way. For this:  HVL enforces and practices stringent standards for the protection of confidentiality, personal details and all sorts of information, which gets shared or circulated on HVL website or any other HVL platform.  HVL has made special arrangements to protect any or all information pertaining to the buyers’, customers’ and visitors’ information – in electronic or physical form. This is an extended form of our customer care.  HVL has put ‘minimum information bar’ vide which we limit collecting information or details collection of our buyers, visitors, consumers, etc. Their personal information is collected only as and when essential. This information may be collected or stored from sources like your phone, email or posting details. HVL further mentions that any access to anyone’s personal information is limited to only the authorized persons, officials or trustworthy people related to HVL. HVL feels that this information may be required by officials in variety ways, for variety of reasons like:  Contacting you regarding your account, your transactions, etc.  Informing you about your order placement, cancellation, change, shipping, etc.  Keeping you abreast with special offers, privileges, if any, considering you as our valued customer. At HVL, we have provision for strict punishment in case of disclosure of any information, details, privacy, etc to any person or persons involved in it or found guilty. HVL has the liberty to modify, change its existing privacy policy and enforce new clauses in its privacy policy.

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