Prescription policy

Health Viagra Life (HVL) is a company with dedicated vision, mission and seriously committed to its objective of serving people with high quality, generic medicines. HVL offers a wide platform for purchase of medicines online for men and women. HVL further highlights the fact that it is a policy driven company and we have explicit and specific policies for every aspect of medicine purchase and consumption. This is the reason we have laid down stringent rules and guidelines for ourselves as well our buyers / consumers. Just as our other policies regarding guarantee, disclaimer, shipping, refund, etc, we have established our Prescription Policy. You as a buyer / consumer should go through the Prescription Policy before making any purchase of medicines over HVL.  HVL stresses that every potential consumer or buyer of medicines over HVL website should get any medicine / medicines only after the consultation of an eligible medical expert. It is preferable that they obtain handwritten prescription from their doctor.  HVL sells only those medicines which are authorized for the consumption of men and women according to the applicable law. The medicines which you want to buy and start consuming may be prescription medicines. This means those medicines should be consumed only after obtaining the prescription of an eligible medical practitioner or under the handwritten supervision of an eligible doctor. In this respect, HVL clarifies that obtaining the prescription of an experienced and eligible doctor, or the applicable documents, is the responsibility of patient / consumer of such medicines.  HVL has specialized personnel / medical experts in its team but they do not prescribe any medicine in any form to any individual. It is the responsibility of patient / consumer of such medicines to obtain written prescription for the desired medicines from an eligible and experienced doctor.  When buying medicines which are under the category of prescribed medicines, the buyer / consumer should submit a clear, concise, readable prescription paper of their doctor. The prescription paper should contain the name of medicines clearly mentioned in readable language.  Prescription paper should be written on the concerned doctor’s letterhead and it should be duly signed by the same medical practitioner. HVL officials cannot honor requests for such prescription medicines for which they do not have prescription and / or the prescription paper is not clearly readable to them. Also, the prescription paper which does not abide by the above conditions cannot be honored. Failing these or any other stipulated guidelines as per law, HVL reserves the right to cancel / hold the order for medicines.  In addition to the name of medicine / medicines, the prescription paper should also contain the dosage clearly handwritten by the doctor.  In case of repeat order of prescription medicines, the consumer / patient / buyer can submit the same prescription paper. But this can be done only for up to two orders or 45 days, whichever is earlier. For any other clarification / details required in view of our Prescription Policy, buyers / consumers may contact us on phone or mail.

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