Guarantee Policy

Health Viagra Life (HVL) is duly sensitized on the fact that our company sells medicines online. Healthcare and medicine selling are serious business as they are closely associated with the health of people. Patients and other individuals, who buy medicines in any form for whatsoever reasons, are optimistic about the positive results of the medicines they consume. However, no medicine manufacturer or doctor can assure about the effectiveness or influence or benefits from consuming certain medicines. It is always clearly stated by HVL that the consumption of any medicine should commence only after doctor’s consultation. However, as an extra measure to keep the buyers / consumers of medicines more committed and as a care for the safety of buyers / consumers of medicines, HVL has laid down a dedicated Guarantee Policy. Our Guarantee Policy clarifies various aspects associated with the purchase and consumption of medicines, and the content, sold through or provided over HVL website.  HVL does not assure any guarantee or warranty or any other form of representation about the HVL website or medicines sold through it. Further, HVL denies any sort of liability creating because of the consumption of medicines on HVL, content of the website, etc.  HVL does not claim any warranty, assurance or any other form of representation about the educational qualifications, eligibility, specialization or any other kind of information posted on our website. We HVL shall not be made or held responsible for any of the customers’ or buyers’ decision based upon the information read over HVL website. As we decline any guarantee, warranty, assurance or any other representation, it is the buyers’ / consumers’ liability to check, verify or confirm it through an experienced medical practitioner before implying / applying it in practicality. If not done so, HVL is not responsible for any adverse consequences.  HVL advices all the visitors coming to its website and advices all the buyers / consumers transacting over website that they should take full care in protecting the privacy of their credentials like login name, password, bank details, transaction password, etc. Though HVL has taken adequate measures of safety, it does not guarantee or rule out the possibility of any unforeseen incident like unauthorized access by some external person / persons. HVL reiterates every / all visitors, buyers or consumers of medicines that they should take appropriate care of their login credential and take caution in protecting their passwords or transaction details.  HVL guarantees that as a responsible company, it has taken all necessary steps to provide only the most generic / genuine medicines over the HVL website. HVL also guarantees that the medicines promoted / sold through HVL online outlet have been manufactured by professionally managed companies where enough concern about the quality and ingredients of these medicines is taken. But HVL is not a manufacture of medicines. HVL is just a seller and so HVL does not take any liability in terms of the results / consequences whatsoever. It is the duty of every visitor, buyer, consumer, etc to cautiously buy any medicine offered through HVL website.

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