Healthy Viagra Life is also known as HVL in its abbreviated form. We are an authorized seller of medicines which are chiefly used as impotency treatment, for pregnancy prevention and other disorders. As an authorized seller. We have the liberty to store those medicines at our store facility and sell all those medicines from our online store. About Website: HVL has designed and developed its website with care and sensible approach. This website for the ease of buyers in buying their medicine with due knowledge about the medicines they are buying. Any / All information posted on HVL website about is solely intended to facilitate buyers and for guiding them appropriately, so these details are subject to conditions.

  1. All information or details and contents published on the HVL website should be considered as a guidance for patients and consumers of medicines. They should not be construed as a final verdict.
  2. It is your responsibility as a buyer or consumer to re-verify all information or details and contents published on the HVL website before starting any sort of medication or beginning the consumption of a medicine.
  3. The information published on HVL website is not an alternative medical advice.
About Medicines Healthy Viagra Life (HVL) is just an online store which deals in selling of certain medicines for which HVL is authorized to sell.
  1. All the medicines sold on HVL, the online store, are produced by renowned pharmacy companies where all the guidelines and directives are adhered to.
  2. Though no evident of harm or damage have been indicated through the consumption of medicines we supply or sell however, it should be remembered by all the consumers / buyers that there are certain guidelines and instructions mentioned on each pack of medicine.
  3. Similarly, information about the ingredients contained in a medicine is also clearly mentioned on every pack by the producer of the medicine. Buyers / consumers should also check these and verify with their doctor if they are allergic to any of those ingredient / ingredients.
  4. You as a customer should read the guidelines or instructions regarding consumption of a particular medicine or medicines in completion. Alternatively, you may also consult an expert physician or doctor to understand the instructions of consumption before starting the consumption of any of the medicines sold on HVL.
  5. The instructions regarding consumption of medicines include their dosage,
  6. As a matter of fact, HVL always advices its buyers / customers that they should take any medicine under the guidance of practiced health doctor.
About Transactions: Healthy Viagra Limited (HVL) has taken all measures to make their website secured in all respects. However, you as a buyer or customer of the medicine or medicines sold over HVL should take due care of your credentials, account information, passwords, etc.
  1. You should not involve or interact with any third part for transacting over HVL. HVL is an online platform for direct interactions and transactions and it does not sell through any mediator.
  2. General rules of privacy protection for online transactions should be practiced when putting an order on HVL website or doing any type of transactions.

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