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You cannot go wrong with this one, right? Health and fitness are anyways the predominant aspects in your life and particularly when it comes to sexual health, you just cannot mess with it. After all good sexual health is the first prerequisite to a happy married life, satisfying relationship and the intimacy needed between a male and female. From that standpoint, it is way too beneficial to take up a naturopathic regime like Yoga, instead of depending upon harsh medicines. People often perceive Yoga to be a physical exercise and limit its advantages to one’s physique. On the contrary, Yoga is much more than that. It concerns with your mental wellness as well and helps you tackle stress to a remarkable level. Research shows that men and women who regularly spend some minutes practicing yoga, be it postures, mudras, breathing exercises or meditation, are less likely to become a victim of hypertension or other related disorders, than those who don’t! Well complementing to the above, it was also noticed in the research that regular Yoga practitioners enjoyed a healthier and more satisfying sex life than others who either took various fitness regimes or didn’t take any. Why Yoga is better than all other fitness regimes? Well, as such there is no specific basis behind the selection of a particular fitness regime among the masses. Most of the people are driven by the glamour aspect and so they are most inclined towards joining a gym. There are few others who remain in a dilemma. Yoga, on the other hand, is a scientifically proven stream, which focuses on the complete wellbeing of an individual. This is one of the most ancient sciences in world and has accurate solutions to all types of disorders. Regardless of whether the disorder is mental, physical or spiritual, yoga addresses all matters because they all are concerned with the wholesome wellness of human beings. Yoga postures for a better sex life? According to the experts, a well established reality here is that there is a close connection between Yoga and the sexual health of individuals. If you are dissatisfied with your physical relations by small or large degree and want to improve it, you may reliably switch to Yoga poses mentioned in the following part of this article. 1. Lotus Posture (Padma asana): This is a well-known yoga post which we have long seen yogis performing. This is an incredible pose for meditation, but additionally, it also strengthens thigh and hip muscles; this becomes quite beneficial during the sexual activity process:

  1. Sit on the floor with legs crossed at knees, one foot touching the floor and other in opposite lap.
  2. Rest hands on knees, touch index finger with thumb.
  3. Take deep breaths to experience stretch in hip and thigh muscles.
2 Plow Posture (Halaa asana): It is a posture with multidimensional benefits for the whole body. The posture naturally ascertains fortification of back muscles and enhances alertness as blood flow to brain rises. Process
  1. Lie on the floor with legs separated and palms slightly away from the body.
  2. Slowly start raising the legs. Keep them straight. Allow them to go backwards till the feet touch the floor above your head.
  3. Hold the waist with your palms. After recurrent days of practice, you can stretch hands from the shoulder and let palms hold the floor near hips
  4. Remain in this position for 3-4 normal breaths and then slowly return to the original position.
3 Corpse Posture (Shavaa asana): A yoga session cannot complete without this posture. This is one of the most relaxing, relieving and restful posture. It helps soothe muscles and declines tension, which may the reasons for anxiety and may result in ED or PE. Process:
  1. Lie down on the floor with feet separated at approx one foot. Let hands rest normally sideways, palms open towards the sky.
  2. Precisely, lie like a dead body.
  3. Normalize the breath to such an extent that there is no effort left. Concentrate on the tip of your nose, observe the natural inhale and exhale.
Bridge Posture (Setu Bandha asana), Child Posture (Baalasna), Lizard Posture (Utthan Pristhasana), etc are other powerful and advantageous posture. In short, you are just one step away to enjoying a happy and satisfying sex life. Just decide to take these simple Yoga postures which promise sexual wellbeing and happiness.

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